Re-Manufactured Ink and Toner for your Printer

Re-Manufactured Ink and Toner for your Printer

One of the biggest expenses for most offices is ink and toner. The PC Whisperer recommends David Waldman and Re-Ink Online. They sell what is called Re-Manufactured Ink and Toner cartridges. Re-Manufactured means that they take recycled cartridges, replace the electronic and moving parts that have broken down due to wear and tear, and re-fill them with top quality ink or toner. David has created a special deal for our clients. Click on the banner below and you will be taken to Re-Ink Online. Find and compare your printers cartridges with David’s and enter discount code PCW for an additional 10% off.

Re-Ink Online

Re-Ink is a Denver based business, having been in business for over 11 years and earned an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau.

We provide Re-manufactured Ink Cartridges, Compatible Toner Cartridges and Imaging Drums. We offer re-manufactured ink & compatible toner cartridges for all the major original equipment manufacturers. We specialize in cartridges for HP, Brother, Dell, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, and Xerox printers & fax machines. These cartridges are fully guaranteed not to interfere with a printer’s warranty and perform as well, if not better, than those sold by the original manufacturer.

Re-Ink combines premium quality products coupled with extremely fast delivery and above all, outstanding customer service. Our re-manufactured cartridges deliver manufacturer’s quality but sell for an average of 40% less.

Additionally the benefits we offer at Re-Ink are:
High Quality Guarantee: Re-Ink guarantees the performance, compatibility, and results of all of its cartridges, and if at any time you are anything short of completely satisfied, we will either refund or replace immediately.

Free Shipping: Re-Ink provides free same-day shipping with delivery guaranteed within 2 business days, and in most cases orders will arrive sooner.

Maintains Printer’s Warranty: Re-Ink’s cartridges DO NOT affect a printer’s warranty. Please let us know if you would like specific information regarding the Magnuson-Moss Act which directly addresses this.

Flexible Billing: For our corporate customers, we offer flexible payment options including, monthly billing, credit card acceptance or COD based solely on their preference.